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April's Paw Trek

If your dog has certain training when they’re out walking that you would like continued, or just the upkeep of good manners, I can include these in their walk.

This can mean, for example: sitting before crossing roads, walking to heel, performing tasks for a favourite toy, or more complex training unique to your dog.

I can also learn your deaf dog’s hand signals, if necessary.

Welcome to April's Paw Trek! Train while you walk

The price for walking one dog is £8.50/hour

(£7.00/45mins, £5.00/30mins) and just £2.50 per additional dog.

Multiple dogs from the same household are welcome, and only one dog is full price (meaning for example, that taking two dogs for an hour walk will cost £11.)

My name is April Anderson and I am a dog walker and sitter in the Herne Bay area.

I offer walks of 30mins, 45mins and 1hr+ for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages in and around Herne Bay.

Every dog's health and fitness level are taken into account for a personalised walk, and walks are one-to-one, unless stated otherwise. I provide toys, treats, water, long lines, and bags, always aiming to take your dog somewhere they will enjoy.

With owner's permission, I can let dogs off-lead away from roads if they have a workable recall. I do bring long lines though, just in case.

I also have experience with reactive and deaf dogs, so if your dog must walk under special conditions or needs extra help, please let me know.

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